The Township of Hornepayne is committed to improving the local housing stock and ensuring that sufficient housing is available to support the community's needs and demands.

Hornepayne Housing Corporation (HHC)

The Township has established a Municipal Services Corporation (MSC), under the authority of the Municipal Act, called the Hornepayne Housing Corporation (HHC). The HHC aims to support the delivery of certain housing services to current and future residents, including:

  • Enhancing public confidence in maintaining housing units for residents
  • Correcting current housing shortages and addressing the lack of diversity along the housing continuum
  • Providing more affordable housing options
  • Ensuring Hornepayne is prepared to change and grow with the regional economy
  • Seeking funding that the Township is otherwise unable to access

What is a Municipal Services Corporation?

A Municipal Services Corporation (MSC) is a corporation whose shares are owned by a municipality, or a municipality and one or more other public sector entities. An MSC can only provide a system, service or thing that the municipality could provide. MSCs are required to receive permission from a municipality to operate in its geographic boundaries.

MSC Business Case

View the MSC Business Case: The Township of Hornepayne Business Plan & Financial Projections for a Municipal Services Corporation - Housing.  


A Municipal Services Board governs the HHC, with two seats on the Board allocated to members of Hornepayne Municipal Council and three seats allocated to community members (all members are voting members and active participants in the decision-making process). The Township is the sole shareholder of the HHC and retains complete and full ownership of the corporation.

Board of Directors Position 

Learn more about the Board of Directors roles and responsibilities. 

Mission, Vision and Objectives

View the mission, vision and objectives of the HHC Board. 


By-law No. 1: Being a by-law to govern the conduct of affairs related to the Hornepayne Housing Corporation.

By-law No. 2: Being a by-law to govern the calling, place and proceedings of Meetings of the Board of Directors of Hornepayne Housing Corporation.


The initial project for the HHC was the acquisition of the Parkview Apartment Complex from the Hornepayne Economic Development Corporation. This project is the basis for future development of residential housing in the community.

Positions available

There are no positions available at this time.  

Contact us

For any questions about the Hornepayne Housing Corporation, please contact the Administrator at: 
S102-220 Front St.
P.O. Box 486
Hornepayne, ON P0M 1Z0
Phone: 1-249-622-1554
Email: admin@hornepaynehousingcorp.ca
Website: www.hornepaynehousingcorp.ca 

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