This service is temporarily unavailable until further notice. We thank you for your understanding. 


The Township of Hornepayne provides purchasing services for the procurement of construction goods and materials in the Township. We provide fair and transparent purchasing.

Purchase materials from the Township

If you wish to purchase construction goods and materials from the Township that you are unable to purchase from local contractors or suppliers, please submit a Purchase Order form. 

Form currently unavailable. 

Materials available and fees

View the materials available for purchase and the applicable fees. 

Material Price (per yard)
A gravel $51 plus HST
B gravel $16 plus HST
Fill $10 plus HST
Topsoil  $32 plus HST

There is a minimum order quantity of one bucket of material. One bucket is equivalent to 2.5 yards.

Please allow two to three days for delivery. Delivery times are subject to change.

Contact Us

If you have a question about purchasing materials, please contact:
Public Works Manager
Phone: 807-868-2212
Cell: 807-229-6999
Email: pwmanager@hornepayne.ca 

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