The Township of Hornepayne manages the Hornepayne Cemetery, located at 8 Becker Rd. We offer both traditional burial plots and niches in our columbarium (displayed urns and cremated remains). Our Cemetery Board ensures the cemetery's smooth running and upkeep, makes improvements and plans for necessary expansion in the future.

Our Cemetery By-law outlines the Township's rules and regulations around:

  • Cemetery administration
  • Sale and transfer of interment rights
  • Interments
  • Monuments and markers
  • Cemetery maintenance
  • Fees
  • Burial ordering and contracts

Arrange for a loved one's burial needs

To arrange for a burial plot or niche for a loved one, contact Township CAO/Clerk by phone at 807-868-2020 x205 or by email at cao@hornepayne.ca to book an appointment.

Cemetery fees

Effective January 1, 2022 our cemetery fees, as per our Cemetery By-law, include the following costs. 

Unless otherwise specified, prices shown do not include applicable HST. 

Interment Rights

Interment right prices listed below include a non-refundable contribution to the cemetery's Care and Maintenance Fund. The prices listed below do not include the opening and closing of the grave, niche or crypt ("interment fee"), memorialization costs (flat marker, upright monument, etc.) and associated installation fees.

Adult or Child Grave $100. 

Columbarium Niche $410. 

As required under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 30/11, the amounts below will be contributed to an irrevocable trust fund known as the Care and Maintenance Fund/Account. Income (interest) from this fund is used to cover care and maintenance expenses of the cemetery in perpetuity.

For one in-ground grave, 2.23m2/24ft2 or larger $290. 

Columbarium Niche $165. 

Cemetery services

Interment of an adult or child at standard depth $225. 

Monuments and markers

As required under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002, the following amounts must be paid to the cemetery operator before a marker is installed. After each marker installation, the amount will be contributed to an irrevocable trust fund known as the Care and Maintenance Fund. Interest from the fund will be used to cover expenses for the care and maintenance of markers and monuments in perpetuity.

For flat markers measuring less than 1, 116.13cm2 / 173in2 $0.

For flat markers measuring 1, 116.13cm2 / 173in2 or larger $100.

For upright monuments 1.22m / 4ft or less in height and 1.22m / 4ft or less in length, including base $200. 

For upright monuments more than 1.22m / 4ft in height and 1.22m / 4ft, including base $400.

Payment, financing and funding

Payment is due prior to services being provided and upon signing of contract. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, debit, and most major credit cards.

Financial assistance for burial and cremation services is available through various governmental agencies, to those who qualify.

For services that are being arranged pre-need, you may pay for the services at today's price, and we will place your money in a trust account, where it will accrue interest until the prepaid contract is fulfilled (when the services are delivered). Pre-payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit. Funds are held in the purchaser's name.

Contact Us

For questions related to the cemetery, please contact: 
Phone: 807-868-2020 x205
Email: cao@hornepayne.ca

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