The Township of Hornepayne is governed by an elected Council of five members who serve for a four-year term. The five members of Council include a mayor and four councillors (left to right): 

Councillor Ted Scheniman
Councillor Peter Kistemaker
Mayor Cheryl Fort
Councillor Belinda Kistemaker
Councillor Drago Stefanic

Hornepayne’s Council members represent our community and are guided by:

  • The Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards, which details conduct for members, improper use of influence, gifts and hospitality, complaint protocols and more
  • The Township's Procedural By-law, which provides rules governing the proceedings of Council and Council committees and outlines member roles, duties, debate and more.

Council meetings

Learn about the Council meetings in Hornepayne.

Committees and boards of council

Committees and boards of council listing 2022-2026

External committees and boards of council listing 2022-2026

Contact Council

If you would like to contact Council or any member of council, please email or and your email will be forwarded as needed. This will allow administration or Council to respond appropriately.

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