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The Township of Hornepayne is committed to serving our residents and their needs. Learn how you can contact us for your different questions and requests.

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Department contacts

Find contact information for members of our departments.

View our contacts in Administration:

Aileen Singh: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)/Clerk
Phone: 807-868-2020 x205

Jennifer Hill: Deputy Clerk
Phone: 807-868-2020 x202

Shana Drury: Administrative Assistant /
Service Ontario
Phone: 807-868-2020 x0

For questions related to our airport, you can contact the airport or our Public Works Manager:

Municipal Airport
10 Airport Road
Phone: 807-868-2641
Fax: 807-868-9930

Duane Gaudreau: Public Works Manager
Phone: 807-229-6999

For fuel or after hours: 807-228-2313

View our Council contact information on the Council Page

Our Economic Development Department contacts are:

A205-220 Front St
PO Box 370
Hornepayne ON, P0M 1Z0
Phone: 807-632-1978
Fax: 807-868-2787

Stacey Rendell, Economic Development Officer

Shelly Borg, Economic Development Officer Assistant

View our contacts in Finance:

Melissa Chenier: Client Services Manager/Treasurer
Phone: 807-868-2020 x204

Bonnie Moylan: Accounting Clerk/Deputy Treasurer
Phone: 807-868-2020 x201

For questions related to the Fire department and its services, you can contact the Fire department or our Fire Chief:

Fire Department
68 Front St 
PO Box 218
Hornepayne ON P0M 1Z0
Phone: 807-868-2323

Miles Wallingford: Fire Chief
Phone: 705-971-9922

For questions related to the landfill, you can contact the Landfill Site or Service Centre:

Landfill Site
Becker Road
Phone: 807-868-9942

Hornepayne Service Centre
Main phone: 807-868-2638
Cell: 807-228-2840

The Ontario Clean Water Agency operates our water treatment plant at 100 Herbert Ave. and our wastewater treatment plant at 37 Honka Dr. You can contact OCWA at:

Phone: 807-868-2380
Fax: 807-868-2410
After hours/emergencies: 807-228-3580

Our Parks and Recreation contact is:

Jason Noseworthy: Lead Hand
Phone: 807-868-2456
Cell: 807-228-2593

For questions regarding Public Works, you can contact our Municipal Garage or our Public Works Manager.

Municipal Garage
18 Becker Rd.
Phone: 807-868-2212
Fax: 807-868-3179

Duane Gaudreau: Public Works Manager
Phone: 807-229-6999 

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