Strategic Plan

The Township of Hornepayne’s Strategic Plan identifies the strategic priorities for our community until the year 2023. It provides a three-year plan outlining actions to meet our community goals.

Mission Statement

We are a municipality focused on providing value-added experiences to our citizens, visitors, and investors.

Vision Statement 

Our quest for continual improvement and quality of life will make us the Township where people want to live, work, visit and invest.

Key priorities and action items

Our key strategic goals and action items address the following areas. View our Strategic Plan for more details on these key priorities.

We are working to streamline our governing procedures and policies to better handle internal affairs.

We are improving consistency and planning in how we manage our municipal infrastructure and assets.

We are optimizing the balance between maintaining and expanding our municipal services and facilities.

We are planning for long-term sustainable economic growth.

We are leveraging technology to enhance client experiences, improve efficiency and prepare for the future.

We are creating master plans to ensure that decisions are supported by public consultation and reliable information and data.


In 2019, Council approved a Comprehensive Service Delivery Review Report. This report determined that creating a Strategic Plan was a high priority for us. This plan would need to guide how we use our resources and assets from 2020 to 2023. All staff reports would need to reference our Strategic Plan’s key priorities and action items.

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