Planning and Development

The Province of Ontario has the final authority over many municipal planning activities, most notably through the Ministerial approval of Official Plans and Ontario Municipal Board decisions on appeals of zoning and subdivision decisions. Municipal staff provides guidance to property owners, developers and council to ensure that all the proper guidelines in the Planning act are followed.

The Chief Building Official will review all development proposals and processes various Planning Applications under the planning act.

A pre-consultation process in planning permitting allows potential applicants and their authorized representatives to present and discuss their development proposals with relevant municipality staff and external agencies.

Pre-Application Consultation Requirements By-law No. 1944

Site Plan Control is the process by which the Township reviews and approves development in accordance with the physical planning, built form and operational objectives identified within the Official Plan. The entire area within the Township of Hornepayne is designated as a Site Plan Control Area by By-law No. 1946

The Official Plan is a planning policy document that establishes goals, objectives, land use designations and land use policies for those designations to manage and direct development and land uses throughout the township. 

The Zoning By-law regulates the use of land within the township. It classifies each property within the township with a specific zone and outlines the zoning provisions permitted on the property.

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