Economic Development

The Township of Hornepayne is open for business! Our Economic Development department is committed to our strategic goal of carefully planning for our community's economic growth and stability.

We provide information and resources and guide you in the right direction to help your business succeed in Hornepayne.

The Township established an Economic Development department in 2019. We serve the public sector, private businesses, as well as First Nations communities.

At the Township, we ensure that the quality of our work is beyond client expectations, whether it is a small business plan for a new entrepreneur, or research for the municipality or region. We pride ourselves in providing detailed research, recommendations and reports that lead to the best decision-making possible.

A Community Improvement Plan is a strategic financial investment tool used to stimulate and support key community outcomes. The Plan is designed to leverage targeted private sector investment through a suite of incentive programs and eligible works to help achieve specific and defined community outcomes. These outcomes are community-specific and may include:

• facilitating growth;
• supporting the development of affordable and rental housing;
• enhancing the quality of streets, parks and public facilities;
• creating a focus for community activities;
• beautification and
• identifying changes needed to land use planning policies, zoning, and/or other bylaws, policies, and practices.

The Township of Hornepayne's Community Profile provides a detailed overview of the Township's:

  • Human assets (population, demographics, skills, labour, education, etc.)
  • Economic assets (employment, income, business activity, tourism, economic development services, etc.)
  • Infrastructure assets (land use, housing, municipal infrastructure and services, transportation, etc.)
  • Social assets (population diversity, cultural heritage resources, community facilities, social services, etc.)
  • Natural environment (parks and protected areas, natural areas, forests, etc.)
  • Unique characteristics (character, values, goals, action plans, etc.)
  • Location, land size and uses, Vision and Strategic Plan

The Community Profile also outlines details of area Aboriginal communities and organizations, health indicators, comparisons of community patterns with the region and province, and more.

If you are starting, expanding or buying a small business, you can apply for training, mentoring and a grant through Starter Company Plus.

View our Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan "How We Prosper Together", which outlines the collective economic development strategic goals, objectives and action plan for the Superior East Region and neighbouring communities. The plan builds on our area's strengths, opportunities, aspirations, risks and results as they relate to economic development.

Learn about our four strategic objectives, which aim to lead our community to two main themes of outcomes (regional collaboration and regional self-sufficiency):

  • Focus on workforce development
  • Focus on economic diversification
  • Focus on capacity building
  • Focus on economic infrastructure and community development

Use our Business and Investment Assistant online tool below to learn more about business and investment tips and advice, business indicators and the local investment climate, workforce sizes and sector maps, and potential connections to valuable contacts.

Business Assistant

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Find out how we can help your business by contacting:
Economic Development Officer
Township of Hornepayne
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