Hornepayne Contests the Closure of LCBO

Hornepayne Continues to Contest the Closure of the LCBO Retail Store

  • The Township has received confirmation from the LCBO that the contract for a Convenience Outlet has been awarded to a local business and that they intend to proceed with the closure of the local Retail Store.


  • Council is of the opinion that an LCBO Retail Store is still the best option for our Community and that it is unfair of the LCBO to expect any small business to uphold their corporate mandate.


  • On behalf of Council I would like to congratulate the successful applicant and thank all business owners who put their names forward to ensure our Community retains some level of service.


  • Although Council supports local business development, we still continue to work, on the Community's behalf, to have this decision reversed. This is simply the wrong decision for Hornepayne, particularly with no Beer Store and the closest LCBO 100 km away.


  • We continue to stand behind our Citizens and to work to provide what is best for our Community.


Mayor Cheryl Fort Township of Hornepayne

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