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***To participate and view current surveys and polls, click on the following links: HEDC Website or Hornepayne Betterment Committee Facebook Page.*** 

What is the Community Betterment Committee?

The Community Betterment Project was a brain child of the Hornepayne Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) and fully supported by Council.

Over the next couple of months the Township of Hornepayne will be collecting information on a wide array of topics that are important to the community of Hornepayne.

All residence of Hornepayne are encouraged to participate online on Facebook or in person at meetings, events or to pick up surveys.

What is the purpose of the Hornepayne Community Betterment Committee?

The purpose of the Hornepayne Community Betterment Committee is to ensure that the residence of Hornepayne are involved in the future decision making.

Why is my input vital to the process?

If you want to see change you have to participate. Positive and negative feedback on all upcoming topics is accepted and encouraged. All that is asked of you is to do so in a respectful manner. We want to see change in our community too.

How do I get involved?

1. Participate in community meeting and surveys.
2. Follow our Facebook page
3. Participate in online polls
4. Join a community committee that interests you

I want to complete the survey online but not on Facebook. Where would I?

http://hornepayne-edc.com/ on the home page

I want to receive surveys by email. Who do I contact?

hedc2010@gmail.com or join our email list at any Community Meeting
Address to Taylor Paul

I want to do surveys by hand. Where can I pick them up?

The Municipal Office Monday-Friday 12:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m.

***For all surveys and polls, visit the HEDC Website or Hornepayne Betterment Committee Facebook Page.*** 

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